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Early days

Urge Overkill was formed in Chicago in the mid-1980s by Nash Kato (vocals/guitar) and Eddie “King” Roeser (vocals/guitar/bass guitar) after the pair met in college.

The band released the ‘Strange, I…’ EP in 1986, and the full-length album ‘Jesus Urge Superstar’ in 1989, both produced by Kato’s roommate, Steve Albini…

John Butler. Photo courtesy of MixdownMag

‘Spring’ by the John Butler Trio

John Butler is a California-born singer/songwriter/guitarist, who moved to Western Australia as a youngster with his father. He took up the guitar at 16 after inheriting his grandfather’s dobro. He is the leader of the John Butler Trio, considered a roots/rock/jam band and known for lengthy improvised live renditions of…

Campbell Albatross. Photo by the author.

Taxonomy is a complex and ever evolving field (pardon the pun!). Ask two taxonomists what they think and you’ll get three opinions!

Avian taxonomy is hard going for the average birder. Changes in taxonomy happen often, some species get split and some get lumped. Upon release of a revised order…

Spotted Pardalote male. (Copyright Peter Jacobs)

The Spotted Pardalote (Pardalotus punctatus) is a small song bird native to Australia.

At just 8–10 centimetres in length, and weighing around 7 grams, it is indeed tiny. But what it lacks in size it makes up for with incredible plumage and a far carrying call.

The male’s upperparts are…

Anthony Overs

Australian. Varied interests including music, wildlife (especially birds), food, baseball, taekwondo, drums. Person living with Parkinson’s.

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