Excellent read. You certainly have to put up with the worst of human behaviour, like they’re untitled to do it or something.

And the negative comments below on this story are ridiculous, get a grip.

I couldn’t imagine having to pander to obnoxious pigs. Nor having to clean up after said pigs.

Let me relay a brief story.

I’m on a very short flight from Canberra to Sydney. A guy sits next to me, he seems a bit odd, maybe nervous. He reads two Sunday papers, slapping each page flat as he goes (and I hate the smell of newsprint). He gets a complimentary beer. Shortly after, he buzzes the attendant and orders another beer. Both beers are smashed down inside ten minutes on the 35 minute flight. We descend, he starts to gets fidgety. We land, he immediately takes off the seat belt. We get to the terminal, he stands up. His seat is wet. He has pissed his pants.

I was actually concerned about him knocking his plastic cup full of beer all over me. I never considered that it could be worse. I told the attendant as I disembarked, she was gobsmacked. I hope they sent him the cleaning bill.


Australian. Varied interests including music, wildlife (especially birds), food, baseball, taekwondo, drums. Person living with Parkinson’s.

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