Great piece mate, well done!

I'll add the following, for their precision, power, unique sound and style, adaptability, and their skill in carrying a band!

Clem Burke - Blondie

Pete Thomas - Elvis Costello's bands (plus dozens of collabs like Elliott Smith, Matthew Sweet, Neil Finn, etc.)

Mac McNeilly - The Jesus Lizard

Todd Trainer - Shellac

John Stanier - Helmet

Andrew Scott - Sloan

John Wurster - Superchunk, Mountain Goats, Bob Mould

Ric Menck - Velvet Crush, Matthew Sweet, Joe Pernice

And, I'll just acknowledge the exceptional ability of some drummers to be able to fill in. Jimmy DeGrasso played for Suicidal Tendencies AND Alice In Chains on their tour together in 1993 (he filled in for Sean Kinney). And, in 1998 DeGrasso joined Megadeth mid tour and had five days to learn the set. Amazing.