Great read! Thanks for sharing.

I also listened to music while writing at work. Headphones on, no phone calls, no meetings, no interruptions. Drafting a report 8–12 hours a day. I would often listen to the soundtrack albums from the three Lord of the Rings movies. Not too distracting, but plenty of variation to not be boring. The Swans album ‘To Be Kind’ was also a good listen, with many long pieces with great rhythms. Other choices depended on my mood that day, the subject matter I was dealing with, and the timeframe in which I was working. I had playlists such as power pop, hard stuff, heavy and intense, easy on the ears. On several occasions I listened to the four (at the time) Tool albums back to back in a day, just to help me push through!

Music helped me so much. Working in silence was rare!


Australian. Varied interests including music, wildlife (especially birds), food, baseball, taekwondo, drums. Person living with Parkinson’s.

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