I really liked the idea of Them Crooked Vultures as a super group, but it was too much of an ego trip for Josh Homme. He had arguably the greatest contemporary rock drummer in the world, and a legendary bass player and multi-instrumentalist from one of the biggest rock bands ever. Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones, two masters at their crafts. Then Homme did the vocals and guitar work. Yes, he’s a handy guitarist, especially as a riff/rhythm player. There is some superb playing on the Kyuss and QOTSA records. His vocals are terrific for QOTSA too. But with the Vultures record, I was expecting more from a so-called super group than Homme indulging himself with a genius rhythm section. I would have loved a guitarist like J Mascis to play lead guitar. I would have loved someone else on lead vocals, maybe a woman like Amy Lee or Florence Welch. Imagine the endless possibilities!

I still enjoy the record though!

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